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Biking tour in Hue is one the most interesting tours once tourists visit Hue.

Biking tour is extremely suitable and wonderful. The reasons:

  1. Hue city is rather small and quiet, not so crowded, no traffics jam, the city streets with shadow trees at the two sides so the streets are very cool and fresh.
  2. Many landscapes and historical sites is not far from city centre, the average distance is around 3km – 9km, it is easy to take biking tour to visit these places.
  3. The roads in villages is so peaceful with paddy fields, the air is very fresh and pure.
  4. You can meet and interact with local residents to learn about their cultural and daily activities. Enjoy local cuisines and experience life.
  5. On the way you will have chance to go through beautiful peaceful village to see daily live of local, stop in some rice farm, veggie gardens, duck farm and our tour guide will introduce and explain to you about local life.

Visit Hue and explore its magnificent sights by bike during this full-day guided bike tour

  • The World Heritage Site, the Imperial city of Hue. It is located at city centre, around 1 km from famous holte in Hue.
  • Many royal tombs of Kings, Tu Duc, Khai Dinh tombs with unique architecture. They are from city centre around 10 km.
  • Thien Mu Pagoda, one of the oldest and prettiest religious buildings in the country. It is 3 km from city centre.
  • Thanh Toan Bridge – a truly unique ancient bridge: Along the way you will be able to see green rice paddy fields. On arrival you will see the ancient bridge and its unique architecture, and visit the small museum of the Vietnamese farmers’ work instruments. Here you can discover the daily life and rituals of the local people.
  • Thuy Bieu village, an ancient village with fruit and vegetable garden: Located on the southern bank of Huong river, around 7 km from Hue city center, Thuy Bieu is known as a lush green and rustic Hue countryside. The village is not only famous for tasty pomelo but also its hundred year-old beam houses.
  • Tam Giang Lagoon: A beautiful lagoon in Hue, with bike tour, you can join with Craftmen to make several kinds of tools, furnitures from bamboo.Taking boat on the lagoon and enjoy fishing activites such as; catching clams, throwing cast nets, drifting Having luch with Hue cuisines with local people at local restaurant or at private house.
  • Dong Ba Market: you will ride to the city center, travelling along Le Loi Street and passing through Trang Tien Bridge. From the road you will see Dong Ba Market – the busiest purchasing area in Hue city. You can buy some cheap souvernirs.  Along Bach Dang River you will have an opportunity to see an authentic fishing village.

Bike tour is so ideal for those who are interested in interacting with local residents to learn about their cultural and traditional activities. We will have chance to experience real life and do exercises outside.

Let’s take a bike tour with Hue smile travel to have a fantastic experience in Vietnam.