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 I was born in a rural area called Khe Su townlet, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. You might find it strange as hearing it for the first time since it is difficult to find it out from Hue’s map. However, I do believe that more or less people could know White Horse Mountain in Phu Loc, and probably almost everybody has heard about Bach Ma, a famous mountain in my hometown.

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I do not know since when it was first called White Horse. What I do know is lots of local people could see an image of white horses quickly racing down from the mountain as they stare at the clouds. Because of that reason, it is called the White Horse Mountain. Upon that time the people in my hometown were very poor. They kept working hard, continued cultivating, breeding and planting. Days passed by quietly, those people kept staying at home and worked hard with the hope for a better future. I was a girl at the age of eight.

I began to dream and hope. Seeing how harsh my mother had been struggling all the year around, I felt sad for my mother, as well as the people in my hometown. I dreamt that one day my mother would get out from days of manual work and go to somewhere for relaxing. My dreamt became bigger and bigger. During the years at school I wanted to make my dream come true.

I found out how much I am interested in tourism. Tourism has given me a lot of passion. I, then, was able to make my mother enjoy the life by bringing them to numerous places.

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My mother were joyful and I felt as if I have done something meaningful for my beloved ones. Not only do I would love to bring happiness for my mother, but I also want to make people in my hometown and people everywhere pleased and relaxed. Throughout the years of working experience I had learn from my colleagues, I made up my mind to choose my own direction.

I would like to give so much pleasure for the customers. I would like to devote for the better public service. In November 2009, A company named Hue Smile Trade Co., Ltd was established.
The company was named in associating with the city where I have grown up and studied.
Hue city! I simply wish to send a message to everyone: those who once come to Hue would never forget such a peaceful and ancient city in Vietnam as well as the good memoirs from Hue Smile Travel. Sincerely thank for your visit to our website. We hope to receive your interest and comments. Wish you have fun and luck in life! On behalf of the company,

The founder, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Quynh