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Warmly welcome our customers and partners,

Hue Smile Travel is a travel agent in Hue city – in the centre of Vietnam. Hue city has a lot of famous cultural heritages and historical monument as well as amazing cuisine traditional styles.
Hue Smile is very proud of being born and grown up in this city and we hope we can introduce you all the breathtaking landscape with our enthusiasm heart, with smiling that we have all the world.
We always understand that: “Let’s smile to enjoy amazing life – connect with nature and local people to learn about original value, happy value and refresh spirit”.
In order to achieve satisfactory results, we do our best to offer services and organize interesting activities when you are traveling to Vietnam as well as to Hue city.

About Hue Smile Travel

Hue Smile Trading international and domestic traveling throughout Vietnam.

Our company has founded since November 2009 by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Quynh. We have been organizing tours that bring our customers about smiling, experience and rememberable moments with the truthful value of life and miraculous things that Nature Mother was affectionate towards us.

Hue Smile Travel’s slogan is “You enjoy, We smile“.

Our team slogan “We are one team”


It is said that “the company is a hard subject, a rule block and a pressure of working environment”. However, it is not true with our team. We have been smiling and wishing the best of lucky every day. We believe that a new day is going to begin new good things. The pressure of work is one of the motivations that help us great belief and better work. Especially, we want to bring about this spirit to you also, “One team” is not only about us but also for you. Because your happiness is our pleasure, you and me are exploring Vietnamese mysterious together.

About Hue Smile Travel’s services

Hue Smile always offers the best quality services. Our major services include:

Especially, our strength is organizing biking tours and connect with local people, moreover, explore Hue traditional cuisines (Royal and local cuisines). Our aim is not only introducing our country to you but also we would like to learn your culture via your trips.

Enjoy your time, enjoy your life.